Editing for Product Creation

Today we will talk about the creative part of the product creation process. As I have mentioned earlier, there are a variety of information products which we can create:

• Report
• E-book
Interview with an expert
• Video
• Audio
• Software
• CD
• E-course
• Webinar recording

Whichever product you decide to start with, it is important to remember that it needs to have a purpose, and a purpose of any information product should be providing a solution for a distinct problem.

• It needs to be simple and easy to understand
• It should contain a call to action.
• It should be easy to take action upon – give them a clear and easy to follow action plan.
• Begin with  a summary of the product and its purpose – what it is about and what your audience will learn from it.
• Tell your readers your personal story (or a story you want to share), with the lessons that you have learned out of it (5-6 lessons would be enough).
• What they can take for themselves out of these lessons?
• What happens next? Ask and answer the questions that your audience are not asking yet.
Be genuine – do not exaggerate your achievements.
• Give examples, tell stories where appropriate – they make the book much easier to read and absorb.
• Ask for testimonials and put them in your book – they are important, whether it is your first book or not.

How to create an E-book/ Report
Choose the niche & subject
• Research viability of the product
• Take notes – write down ideas, examples, stories, etc.
Create a mindmap to give you a structure to follow (use MindMeister or Free Mind).
• Write the e-book/ report in a doc format
• Have it proofread
• Send free copies to people who can give you good testimonials
• Revise the final copy
• Order cover, add graphics
• Add disclaimer
Create the PDF copy of the book/ report.

There are of course other products which we can create, and we will speak about them in the next post.