Editing for Product Creation

Today we will talk about the creative part of the product creation process. As I have mentioned earlier, there are a variety of information products which we can create:

• Report
• E-book
Interview with an expert
• Video
• Audio
• Software
• CD
• E-course
• Webinar recording

Whichever product you decide to start with, it is important to remember that it needs to have a purpose, and a purpose of any information product should be providing a solution for a distinct problem.

• It needs to be simple and easy to understand
• It should contain a call to action.
• It should be easy to take action upon – give them a clear and easy to follow action plan.
• Begin with  a summary of the product and its purpose – what it is about and what your audience will learn from it.
• Tell your readers your personal story (or a story you want to share), with the lessons that you have learned out of it (5-6 lessons would be enough).
• What they can take for themselves out of these lessons?
• What happens next? Ask and answer the questions that your audience are not asking yet.
Be genuine – do not exaggerate your achievements.
• Give examples, tell stories where appropriate – they make the book much easier to read and absorb.
• Ask for testimonials and put them in your book – they are important, whether it is your first book or not.

How to create an E-book/ Report
Choose the niche & subject
• Research viability of the product
• Take notes – write down ideas, examples, stories, etc.
Create a mindmap to give you a structure to follow (use MindMeister or Free Mind).
• Write the e-book/ report in a doc format
• Have it proofread
• Send free copies to people who can give you good testimonials
• Revise the final copy
• Order cover, add graphics
• Add disclaimer
Create the PDF copy of the book/ report.

There are of course other products which we can create, and we will speak about them in the next post.

Some call it voodoo; others call it wizardry!

Scared or not, it’s a very interesting place to be in. Gathered around us are all individuals who describe wizardry as a source of imagination and finally, a place for everyone to group. Editing Wizardry is the forum to be a part of and boy, is it one big magical ride.

Stay tuned as we begin to post further updates on how we plan to spearhead our industry as one of the biggest magical forums to exist on the internet. It’s only a matter of time before we are at the top.

Hope to see all of you in the near future for a whole lot of fun!